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Do product recalls matter?

Product recall television

As a registered electrician in Coventry, I am very passionate about the electrical safety of items used in the home. Regardless of the size or use of the product, all electrical items have the potential to cause electrical shock or injury.


Unfortunately many people believe that it is ok to take a chance with a phone charger over a washing machine when in fact both items have the potential to cause a house fire and cause expensive damage to home electrics.


When did you last check your electrical appliances for electrical damage?


Dangerous electrical appliances can be a leering death trap in your home. Most people think of dangerous electrical appliances as ones that are old or which have obvious damage to them. The startling fact is that any electrical appliance has the potential to cause a fatal electrical shock or serious house fire. As a leading electrical company in Coventry, I have earned my reputation by putting electrical safety in the heart of everything I do. I am far more than carrying out electrical work in your home, and am a firm believer that electrical safety goes much further than the wiring in your home.

Do this task TODAY in the name of electrical safety.  Find out why by continuing to read.

Avoiding electric shock at your next party in Coventry

Party Lights

There is always an excuse for a party, whether its for house warming, a new job or a family surprise. More people are now opting to hold a family at home to avoid the expense of pricey venues. Decorating your home ahead of the party is part of the excitement, however it is important not to cut corners on electrical items. Doing so may lead to electric shock.


The scary reality of party lights

Is your e-cigarette putting you in electrical danger?

e cigarette fire newspaper headlines

E-cigarette use is enjoying a bit of a boom currently, with record numbers of people using it as a way of quitting smoking. However when it comes to charging them, it is presenting users with a different kind of problem altogether.

The chargers supplied with the e-cigarette are the genuine product, however users are commonly buying additional chargers which are a cheaper 'universal' version of the charger supplied. E-cigarettes have varying charging voltages leading to many cases of electrical damage, fire and in the worst cases explosion. Obviously the outcome could be very serious and e-cigarettes alone caused over 100 house fires across the UK between 2011 and 2013.

How e-cigarettes can damage your electrics

Top 10 Christmas Lighting Safety Tips For Homeowners in Coventry

Lower Precinct Christmas Lighting in Coventry City Centre

Top 10 Christmas Lighting Safety Tips For Homeowners in Coventry

As Christmas approaches and you bring the fairy lights down from the loft, follow these top 10 electrical safety Christmas tips from Charles Wisdom at Electrical Experts in Coventry, to make your sure Christmas sparkles !

Are you at risk of electrical fire this Christmas?

Christmas Tree Lights Fire

This weekend is likely to see many households decorating their home ready for Christmas. It is also at this time of year when I receive increased numbers of calls regarding problems with electrics with householders taking risks with electricity that they wouldn't normally take.

A mix of risk taking and being off guard in general over Christmas means the likelihood of an electrical fault developing and in turn causing a fire in far higher than at any other time of year. In fact, you are more likely to die in a house fire in December than at any other time of year.

Fire can engulf a room in less than 1 minute