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Do you have redundant live cable lurking in your home?

Imagine this terrifying situation occurring in your home....


The Health and Safety Executive concluded in May 2015 that a worker electrocuted by a live cable whilst carrying out work in a food premises, was killed as a result of negligence by the company to have the live cable removed.


Is your e-cigarette putting you in electrical danger?

E-cigarette use is enjoying a bit of a boom currently, with record numbers of people using it as a way of quitting smoking. However when it comes to charging them, it is presenting users with a different kind of problem altogether.

The chargers supplied with the e-cigarette are the genuine product, however users are commonly buying additional chargers which are a cheaper 'universal' version of the charger supplied. E-cigarettes have varying charging voltages leading to many cases of electrical damage, fire and in the worst cases explosion. Obviously the outcome could be very serious and e-cigarettes alone caused over 100 house fires across the UK between 2011 and 2013.

How e-cigarettes can damage your electrics

Top 10 Christmas Lighting Safety Tips For Homeowners in Coventry

Top 10 Christmas Lighting Safety Tips For Homeowners in Coventry

As Christmas approaches and you bring the fairy lights down from the loft, follow these top 10 electrical safety Christmas tips from Charles Wisdom at Electrical Experts in Coventry, to make your sure Christmas sparkles !

Expert electricians in Coventry – Electrical Safety Awareness

Today whilst grabbing a quick breakfast in a Coventry café, an electrical awareness article sponsored by a well known gas company caught my eye. The article quite rightly stated that an inspection of the cable in your home was recommended in order to maintain a safe standard of electrical safety. As part of the electrical services in Coventry that I offer, I always recommend to home owners that they have an EICR carried out on their property if they have not had one carried out within the last 10 years.


Have an EICR carried out


Have you found it difficult to find an Electrician in your local area to carry out a small job?

When you require electrical work carried out in your home, myself and the team at Electrical Experts are at your service. I am based in Coventry and cover the areas of Coventry and Warwickshire. I specialise in domestic installations and the provision of a range of electrical services directly to Homeowners, Letting Agents and Landlords.